About Us

About Us

We live in a society where purity of air is being challenged, by the growing cities we live in and the global environmental issues we are facing. We in Yielden dedicate ourselves to answer the needs of local industries in air and liquid filtration. We pride ourselves for being a leading local provider of innovative and efficient air and liquid filtration solutions.

Bring in latest technologies and equipment from around the world, Yielden strives ourselves to provide local industries with the best air and liquid filtration products that can safeguard their employees and production line. These products and services are designed to optimize machines, plants and systems resulting in better performance, greater reliability in addition to use less energy, reducing pollution and improve working conditions.

Throughout our more than a decade worth of history, Yielden maintained a good relationship with our past clients, while new clients are increasing annually thanks to our renowned reputation – we are confident that when you asked about Yielden from our past clients, excellent is the only word that would come into their minds.

Our Vission & Mission

  1. We want to be expert in compressed air solution providing excellent product at competitive price.
  2. To build relationships in integrity to all business partner.
  3. Passion, value and Engineering

Our Services

Our team is compresed of veterans of the industry, each accumulated years worth of experience in handling all our clients’ requests and needs. As a local leader, we choose only the best to be one of us, so our clients can rest assured that the services and solutions they received are the best, provided only by the best.

  1. Compress Air Audit
    Our service team are equiped with latest equipment and tools for short or long term monitoring of your compressed air system.

    – Air Flow monitoring

    – Pressure dew point monitoring

    – Power consumption monitoring

    – Pressure monitoring

    We are able to provide the monitoring services, even if you are unable to shut down your compressed air system.

  2. Non Destructive Test
    Pressure vessels may cause loss of life, severe bodily harm, and/or property damage if not correctly installed, operated and maintained.

    It is required by authority, the owner who operate the pessure vessel to inspect teir equipment periodically to assess the fitness for further service, taking into account the service conditions and failure costs.

    Not only pressure vessels made of carbon steel are subjects to periodic inspection, all vessels made of Stainless Steel, FRP or etc, also required by authority to be inspected regularly.

    Our service team are equiped with advanced nondestructive ultrasonic thickness gage that combines powerful measurement features with sophisticated data acquisition and output capabilities. Our customer do not have to shutdown their pressure vessels, as the NDT can be carry out during operation. We also help our customer to prepare a proper report and submits to JKKP for approval or renewal of PMT.

  3. Air Dryer Service
    We will Make sure the moisture and contaminates from the compressed air dryer are clean.

Our Customer Base

Be it filtration solutions or services, Yielden prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers above all else. Yielden treat our customers as friends seeking for assistance, for we believe that a good business relationship is built upon trust and loyalty. Our team of veterans stands ready to serve at our customer’s demand, and is always reachable easily – These all factors above are what contributing to our list of satisfied customers here.

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Yielden Filtration Sdn Bhd
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August 2021