3M High Flow

The 3M™ High Flow Filter System is a result of 3M’s extensive filtration experience applied to delivering high-flow filter technology in a compact design. Ideal for those customers who want filtration efficiency and a small footprint.

High flow capability

The 3M™ High Flow Filter System is designed to accommodate flow rates of up to 500 gpm (113m3/hr) in a single 60" (1524mm) length filter cartridge. The result? Fewer filter cartridges to maintain your process flow requirements. In fact, 3M High Flow filter systems require as few as one-tenth the number of filter cartridges as conventional 2.5" (63.5mm) outer diameter (OD) filter systems where flow rates are 200gpm (45m3/hr) or higher. (s

High quality, highly efficient design

3M innovation is at the heart of the 3M High Flow filter. A compound radial pleat design helps maximise the usable surface area of each filter. Blown microfiber forms the basis of the filter media, which is manufactured to tightly-controlled fiber diameter specifications, producing a media with absolute-rated particle retention characteristics. The 3M manufacturing process embosses the media to produce a more uniform pleat pattern, which, in turn, allows greater utilization of the media by evenly distributing the process fluid throughout the entire filter structure. This results in consistent particle retention. 3M High Flow cartridge’s polypropylene end caps, outer sleeve, and core protect the pleat structure integrity and provide a robust filter construction.

Lower capital investment costs and compact design

Fewer required filter cartridges combined with an outside-to-inside flow path reduces the size of housing required for your application. The 3M High Flow filter housing takes up as little as one-half the size of conventional 2.5" (63.5mm) OD filter cartridge housings for a given flow rate.

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