Filtration with Clearpoint

The CLEARPOINT® filter technology guarantees low operating costs, long service life, outstanding process reliability and the safe filtration of aerosols, oil and particles. This comprehensive range of products covers a performance spectrum from 35 to 34,680 m3 /h (at 7 bar) and includes threaded and flanged filters, as well as high-pressure filters up to 500 bar.

Filtering in an extra energy-efficient manner

CLEARPOINT® 3E Key Features:
• High-performance filtration; better compressed air quality; and significantly reduced operating costs
• Improved separation efficiency
• High dirt-absorption capacity
• Super-low differential pressure
• Performance-optimised volume flow – higher by up to 30%
• Tested and validated in accordance with ISO 12500
• Filters also available as water separators: CLEARPOINT® W

Clearpoint Performance Range

For energy-optimised volume flows* from 35 m3/h (at 7 bar)(min) to 31,240 m3/h (at 7 bar)(max).

*All volume-flow indications are based upon an intake condition of 1 bar absolute and 20 °C.


Number 1

Service-friendly filter element interchange via the upper blank flange.

Number 2

Simple installation with two same-height compressed air connections

Number 3

The optional differential pressure gauge indicates directly whether the filter unit must be exchanged – ideal to retain the energy costs at a low level

Number 4

The large surface area of the filter element reduces the air speed to energy-economic values

Number 5

High-quality surface protection by utilising high-temperature galvanising on the inside and paint on the outside

Number 6

The flange filter can be anchored not only within the pipeline but also on the floor with adjusting feet

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