Operating principle of the DRYPOINT® AC

The cold-regenerated DRYPOINT AC adsorption dryer guarantees a continuous supply of qualitative high-quality compressed air. Two vessels filled with desiccant (3) are arranged in parallel. The compressed air is routed through the CLEAR POINT upstream filter and the BEKOMAT condensate drain off (1), which remove particles and condensate from the compressed air as well as the lower switching valve (2) and into the adsorption vessel (3). It is then dried there to the required degree of dryness (pressure dew point). It subsequently flows through the upper switching valve (4) and a CLEARPOINT downstream filter (5), in which any possible resulting abrasion from the desiccant is retained. The dried and purified air is now available for use. While the compressed air is dried in one vessel, the regeneration of the adsorption agent takes place in the other. For this purpose, a partial flow of already dried air is relieved via a nozzle (6) to atmosphere pressure and routed through the desiccant bed for regeneration before it is subsequently released through a silencer (7) into the atmosphere. The switch over between both containers is executed as time-dependent in a specified cycle, optionally also as dew point-dependent. The dew point measured value can, of course, be transferred on optionally to a data logger such as the METPOINT BDL.

Minimal pressure drop, low operating costs DRYPOINT® AC

Key Features:

• Significantly reduced operating costs
• High operational reliability
• Electronic control offers particularly easy maintenance
• Easy installation
• Available in two different series for performance categories from 10 to 112m3/h and 135 to 1,550 m3/h

DRYPOINT® RA performance range (Minimum ~ Maximum)

Volume flows* from 10.2 m3/h (at 7 bar)(min) to 1,550 m3/h (at 7 bar)(max)

Drying under high pressure CLEARPOINT® AC HP

Key Features:
• Stainless steel construction as standard
• Very long service life
• Intelligent control
• Trouble-free and fast maintenance
• Easy handling and installation
• Demand-specific sizing

DRYPOINT® AC HP performance range** (Minimum ~ Maximum)

Volume flows* from 60 m3/h (at 100 bar)(min) to 820 m3/h (at 350 bar)(max)

** DRYPOINT AC HP is available for operating pressures of 100, 250 and 300 bar.

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