Gas-to-Liquid Plate Heat Exchanger

The Alfa Laval GL product line is an ultra-compact, high-efficiency solution engineered to meet the unique challenges of simultaneously working with gas and liquid media. A revolutionary new design handles very high temperatures with very low pressure drop. Manufactured with Alfa Laval’s proven copper-brazing technology, they also ensure the reliable performance you expect from the world leader in thermal transfer.


Handle more with brazed gas-to-liquid technology

  • Our standard gas-to-liquid models support gas temperatures up to 750°C
  • For special applications, temperatures above 1400°C are possible
  • Very low pressure drop in asymmetric applications thanks to patented “dimple” plate design
  • Condensate from the gas medium drains easily thanks to condensate connection included with the unit

The Alfa Laval GL product line is the perfect choice for numerous asymmetrical heat transfer applications. They are designed with a lightweight brazed construction that offers much greater thermal efficiency and is typically 75% smaller than shell-and-tube designs used for similar duties. Furthermore, while normal copper-brazed plate heat exchangers can often only handle temperatures up to 225°C, our GL product line supports much higher temperatures with no risk of thermal fatigue. This enables superior performance in high-temperature exhaust gas duties as well as in all types of condensation applications.

Asymmetry: designed for gas applications

Our gas-to-liquid portfolio features a patented asymmetric “dimple” plate design, engineered to support much larger volumes on one side of the plate than the other. This allows the heat exchanger to provide high efficiency and low pressure drop in gas-to-liquid applications that other heat exchangers cannot support.

Compact, efficient performance

Brazed plate heat exchangers offer much greater thermal efficiency than tubular designs, meaning higher heat recovery potential. They also have a much
smaller footprint. In fact, Alfa Laval’s lightweight, compact gas-to-liquid units are typically 75% smaller than comparable shell-and-tubes, making them
easy to integrate into existing systems with low transportation costs.

High gas temperatures

Where normal copper-brazed plate heat exchangers can often only handle temperatures up to 225°C, Alfa Laval’s new gas-to-liquid design supports gas
temperatures up to 750°C. For special applications, temperatures above 1400°C are possible

Superior condensing capacity

When a gas is cooled below its saturation point, the condensation that occurs results in a large energy transfer. Alfa Laval gas-to-liquid units have been
carefully engineered to offer much higher condensing performance than traditional heat exchangers.


Combined heat and power (CHP)

Alfa Laval is the market leader within micro-CHP exhaust gas heat exchangers. Our gas-to-liquid range offers strong performance with a high condensation
rate in CHP machines up to 400 kWel. The efficient design enables over 90 % of the input energy be turned into either electricity or heat energy.

Charge air coolers (CAC)

As a water-cooled CAC or turbocharge cooler, the Alfa Laval gas-to-liquid portfolio offers a compact design and high performance, with a lower requirement for cooling water compared to traditional CACs.

Combined heat and power
Oil-free compressor


In gas compression, most of the input energy to the compressor is lost as heat. The compressed gas must be cooled to make it suitable for its intended use, which offers a valuable opportunity for heat recovery. Alfa Laval gas-to-liquid technology combines high thermal performance with lower pressure drop, making it suitable for oil-free compressors, free standing aftercoolers, adsorption dryers and more.

Heat recovery

When used in heat recovery, Alfa Laval heat exchangers provide a fast ROI as well as huge environmental benefits. For low-pressure applications the combination
of high performance with low pressure drop often offers payback within one year.