A Compact, Efficient Pre-Cooler For Compressed Air


• Cross flow
• Open sides for gas entry and exit
• Vertical gas flow from the top by condensation
• Optimal assembly in larger systems with several modulesin flexible flow configurations.

Cross-flow arrangement. The plates are stacked together creating alternating high-volume flow channels (low density) and low-volume flow channels (high density).
The high-pressure side has round connections and high thermal efficiency, enabling it to handle a low-volume flow such as a liquid or a high-pressure gas.

Cross 30 is made in stainless steel 316L/1.4404 with copper or nickel as brazing material.

The low-pressure side has completely open inlets/outlets and a plate design that allows maximal volume flow with low pressure drop. The open inlets and outlets at the sides facilitate efficient cleaning of the gas channels using high-pressure water or hot steam, depending on the conditions. Suitable detergent added before flushing further increases the efficiency of cleaning.

Cross modules offer great flexibility because they can be assembled into larger systems to optimize performance for different applications and operating conditions.

The Cross heat exchanger product line also includes a range of standardized complete system designs for housings.

Cross 30
Cross 30 is a compact brazed exchanger consisting of stainless steel plates brazed together with copper or nickel. Cross 30 […]

Standardized systems and housing solutions
Standardized systems and housing solutions available to utilize Cross 30’s superior performance: Plates-in-Shell – PS 450 / PS 610 / […]


• Counter flow
• All connections integrated including condensate connections
• Both vertical and horizontal gas flow is possible
• Also optimal with gas pressure up to 25 bar and with high gas temperatures

Counter-flow arrangement for maximal heat transfer and efficiency in asymmetrical applications, normally gas-to-liquid.

Compact is made in stainless steel 316L/1.4404 with copper and in most cases nickel as optional brazing material. The plates are stacked together creating alternating high-volume flow channels (side B, with low pressure drop) and lower-volume flow channels (side A, with higher pressure drop).

All connections are integrated into the heat exchanger. No outside housing or casing is required.
Compact is complete with a condensate connection enabling condensate in the gas medium in side B to drain easily from the heat exchanger.
Compact has an even higher thermal efficiency than Cross due to its compact design and large heat transfer surface.The thermal efficiency for the gas side can often exceed 95 %.

The vacuum-brazing process creates a very large number of brazed contact points between each plate, delivering superior mechanical strength.

Compact is the perfect solution for high-pressure gas applications (up to 25 bar in some versions).
Both vertical and horizontal gas flow is possible with Compact.

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