BERG PSA oxygen technology produces oxygen in a purity of 90%
up to 95% and quantities of 1 – 280 Nm/3h.

Compressed air specification

  • Temperature range: +5 to +40ºC
  • Air quality: ISO 8573.1, Class 1: dirt and oil, better than Class 4 water; PDP: +3ºCtd

The oxygen generator consists of two separating vessels filled with molecular sieve absorbs (zeolite). When clean and dried the, vessel a pressurizes a vessel, the
nitrogen is retained by the molecular sieve vessel, the nitrogen is retained by the molecular sieve and the oxygen goes straight into the oxygen buffer. As soon as the tank approaches nitrogen saturation, the process switches to the second tank and the adsorbed nitrogen in the first tank is released to the ambient air. The OXYBERG® series offers all the advantages of a fully integrated in-house production system for the production of oxygen directly at the point of use.

State-of-the-art network technology and the continuous measurement and monitoring of all operating values ensure the greatest possible protection of the entire production process. All measured values are logged and can be monitored and controlled from any computer workstation worldwide using the OXYBERG® Control box process. The industry standard 4.0 is a real innovation for your security.

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