Refrigerant Air Dryer

Refrigeration dryers have been designed to effectively separate water from the compressed air thus lower pressure dew point all the way down to +3°C.

Technical Features

Data refer to the following nominal conditions: Ambient temperature of 35ºC, with inlet air at 7 barg and 42ºC and 3ºC pressure Dew Point (-22ºC atmospheric pressure Dew Point). Max.
Working conditions: Ambient temperature 50ºC, inlet air temperature 70ºC and inlet air pressure 7 barg.

In the air-cooled version, this series includes an energy-saving control based on dew point-dependent control of the refrigerant compressor in conjunction with a temperature and pressure control. This ensures an extremely stable dew point under all operating conditions and a power consumption proportional to the applied thermal load. Both the air-cooled and the water-cooled versions are equipped with an electronic level-controlled condensate drain on the heat exchanger, which ensures a safe condensate drainage without loss of compressed air.

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