Compressed Air Audit

Performing a compressed air audit of your system is the first step in determining issues that could be hindering your unit’s efficiency and unnecessarily increasing energy costs. There are several levels of compressed air audits that can be performed – walk-through assessment, system assessment, or a full system audit.

Walk-through Evaluation

This process typically takes ½ to 2 days and includes an overview of the plants compressed air system including an analysis of the distribution system to check for leaks, pressure drops, and compressor sizing issues. The compressed air system will be mapped out, and a report of findings and solutions will be proposed.

System Assessment

For a more thorough review, a system assessment is available that includes a walk-through as well as readings collected to identify system dynamics. The compressed air system mapping will feature pressure and demand profiles. The findings of the report and the proposed solutions will be provided at the conclusion of the assessment.

Full System Audit

The system audit is the most comprehensive review and takes around 3 to 10 days with little to no impact on current running procedures. Full compressed air system audits include:

  • Energy usage data logging – logs the energy the air compressors are consuming.
  • Air measurement – identifies a factory’s true compressed air demand and operating schedule.
  • Air leak detection & control – identify how much air is being lost due to leaks.
  • Air quality – measures the number of particulates in the air system such as water and oil.
  • Maintenance review – assesses the effectiveness of the current maintenance plan.
  • Monitoring & control program – makes recommendations to maintain optimum efficiency.