Compressed Air Dryer Service

It is imperative to monitor and maintain the air dryer to ensure the maximum functionality of the air dryers, and therefore, the air compressor systems. Generally, the assistant engineers are responsible for running the air dryer maintenance checklist, and the head of the engineering department is accountable for the implementation of it.

Compressed Air Dryer Services Coverage


Once your machine starts getting rusted, know that you’re in trouble. If you notice any signs of rusting, take immediate action and only trust a professional to help control the rusting of your air dryer.

Lower performance

Due to the high moisture content, the compressed air systems function poorly and affect the performance of the air dryer. For spray painting applications, the quality of the finish such as the color, adherence and finish of the paint are compromised – resulting in bad quality products.

Jeopardized process

Not using dry compressed air can affect the functioning of pneumatic controls. These controls can malfunction due to rust, scaling, and clogged orifices which can lead to unwanted disruptions.

Incorrect readings

Abnormal air content and temperatures in the compressed air systems sometimes lead to false or incorrect readings of instrumentation, which leads to interruption or even unexpected shutdown of plant processes.